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The Grange - Circa's premium address

Just as the original historic Eyrecourt homestead was built on the best location, the site for The Grange was chosen to overlook the adjacent parkland and the elevated views that it offers.

This unique precinct provides a limited opportunity for buyers seeking a premier address. Featuring some of the largest blocks within Circa, The Grange commands homes of the highest quality and design.

With a distinctive Pyrenees quarry stonewall feature, the entrance to The Grange complements the beauty that will be captured within this precinct. Lined by mature Callery Pear and Evergreen Ash trees, The Grange streets are set to enhance the elegance and peaceful ambience of this superb location.

The Grange is governed by a higher standard of design requirements and a Design Review Panel will ensure each and every home meets the exacting standards required in this unique precinct. The homes that have already been built in this precinct stand as a testament to the commitment of residents and the Pask Group to create something truly special.

Articulated facades, prominent porches, eaves and feature materials such as stone, timber and render create an unrivalled street presence of substantial, modern homes.

The charm and character of The Grange is unsurpassed by any other.

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